Simply explaining the complex science behind a sustainability startup in web copy.

The Business: Carbon Minds offers data and consulting services to show chemical companies how to lower their environmental impacts.

The Problem: Carbon Minds grew out of an academic research project, and developed their products in universities in Germany and the US. When they entered the market they needed to develop their marketing from scratch. Company co-founder Arne Katelhon was keen to start by publishing a website that explained Carbon Mind’s offer simply but without dumbing it down. 


The Work:  I consider the company website to be the first part of a conversation with a potential client. I developed the messaging and copy with one aim: to make the reader want to continue the conversation with Carbon Minds in person by emailing or calling.  

Writing Samples

Web copy
The "Consulting" page of the website was one of the hardest to write. Not only did it need to be technically accurate to avoid legal issues, it also required complex services to be distilled into convincing short paragraphs.
Page title
The page title had to speak to the urgency of beginning a sustainability transition immediately without seeming alarmist or creating fear about an insurmountable challenge.
Collaborative work
There was a lot of back and forth between company co-founder Arne and I using tools such as Trello, Google Docs and Microsoft Teams.
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I listened a lot to Arne’s explanations of what Carbon Minds do and quickly worked up a draft of the main page. I expected this to change a lot (and it did!). But the point of doing a draft at this stage was to draft the main messages that were emerging from my conversations with Arne. 


We then worked through the site in more detail. There was a lot of back and forth on Trello between Arne and I during this stage to make sure the copy really explained the core of Carbon Minds’ offer in language that would be appealing to their clients. 


Once the details were clearly established, I could write shorter and shorter summaries of Carbon Minds’ offer. Synthesising the information to only the most essential parts meant that the main page of the site fit coherently with the more detailed pages on the site.  


The Outcome: Arne has already noticed that prospects are coming into the sales process with a much better understanding of Carbon Minds’ services. Having better informed prospects is making it quicker and easier for Carbon Minds to move through the sales process with them. 

Arne is also happy to see that the key messages and language I established for the site will be a good foundation for Carbon Minds’ marketing in other channels. We are now expanding our work to cover these too. 


I would like to thank Arne for being a good humoured partner. I’m particularly grateful for how he never held back on the beautiful complexity of what Carbon Minds does.


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