Consulting on the marketing strategy for an emerging sustainable tourism company in Vietnam.

Vietnam Rock Climbing is a sustainable tourism company from Vietnam. They are building a climbing gym in the city of Da Nang and will soon be offering a variety of outdoor activities and business opportunities to climbing organisations.  


Rock climbing is in its infancy in this South East Asian country, and company founder Tim is ambitious for the position Vietnam Rock Climbing can take in the climbing market and community here. 


His vision is to create a Vietnam Rock Climbing social media presence and magazine. These will serve as a trustworthy source of high-quality information on rock climbing in Vietnam. By providing access to this information, he aims to help the rock climbing community grow responsibly within the stunning natural environment that Vietnam has to offer. 


As a climber myself, I told Tim I was going to help before he could even ask. We soon set to work clarifying his vision and next steps.


Working together with visual branding experts, our first goal has been to establish a visual branding and copywriting S.O.P that can be used as a foundation for the magazine. 


To do this, we have analysed existing climbing organisations from the world over to develop something more targeted and cohesive than what we see on the market at the moment. 


We will shortly be using our expertise to oversee the implementation of Vietnam Rock Climbing’s initial social media campaigns.

Work Samples

Market Analysis
Analysing the existing market requires not only thinking about how we can do better than others in the climbing tourism space, but also spotting opportunities for win-win collaboration that can help us achieve our vision.
Logo design collaboration
As the company is in its infancy, we are creating the brand from scratch. This means collaborating closely with visual branding experts to ensure that the brand is cohesive across copy and visuals.
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