My previous business - making and marketing online courses for people who want to do English exams.

My Exam with Sam was my business before I decided to put my environmental values and passion for writing front and centre in my work.

I taught English learners how to write essays for their English exams.

I did all of the copy and content writing myself in this business. 

I wrote everything from short form social media posts, to long form articles and entire courses. The aim was always to explain what it takes to pass the exam in a way that helped my students take action to be succersful.

My biggest achievement was growing my Facebook page to just over 9000 followers in about 6 months using Facebook Messenger marketing.

My greatest satisfaction came from my students passing their exams after taking my courses. 

I came to understand the success that comes from writing copy and content with a unique voice in a B2C context.


But the most valuble things this project taught me were about myself - my strengths as a writer and strategist, and my desire to exit the teaching profession to do something more environmentally focused. 

Writing Samples

Facebook Posts
I wrote long form Facebook posts to provide educational content, grow my audience and start sales conversations.
Udemy Sales Copy
In addition to writing all the course material, I also wrote the sales page copy for my Udemy courses.
B2B Email Copy
While exiting my business, I used emails like this to start conversations with potential partners.
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