Copyediting the Reforestum company website for clarity and consistency of tone.

Reforestum is a startup that makes it easier for businesses and individuals to offset their carbon footprint through tree planting projects. 

As a new startup, they needed my help refining their main messages and voice.

I consulted with company founder Diego clarify the direction he wanted to take.

I also edited some of the copy on the main page and FAQ section of the company website.


Reforestum had received feedback that the FAQ section in particular didn't provide good answers to clients' questions, and to my eye the tone was markedly different.

I rewrote the entire section to make the answers clearer and the tone more in line with the rest of the company website.

Writing Samples

Reforestum's New FAQ Page
All the FAQs I rewrote, live on the Reforestum website.
FAQ Example 1
An example of the original version and my rewritten version of an FAQ on the Reforestum site.
FAQ Example 2
Another example of how I changed the FAQ text.
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