Running a crowdfunding campaign for an early stage skincare business.

The Business: Single Origin Skincare (SOS) upcycles coffee grounds into a variety of luxury skincare products. 


The Problem: Single Origin Skincare founder Dean Sprague is an experienced food scientist and has worked with a range of social enterprises in the past. He had a solid vision for an ecologically and socially responsible cosmetics brand, as well as great early feedback about his product from friends and contacts. But with no consistent communications or marketing plan in place he was struggling to get his sales moving. He had a lot of ideas, but felt overwhelmed by the different avenues he could take. 


The work: When we began working together, Dean was yet to make any sales of his products. As he talked, it became clear to me that he would benefit immensely from taking action to make sales - any sales. I guided him through an assessment of a lot of potential business models, target clients, possible marketing messages and first steps. 


Writing Samples

Social Media
I wrote posts for Single Origin Skincare's Facebook page. The achieved greater engagement than existing posts and grew Dean's audience on Facebook.
I wrote this poster to accompany small soap samples that we placed in the restrooms of our partner cafes.
I wrote all the copy for the Indiegogo landing page based on interviews with Dean.
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We settled on a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Single Origin Skincare did not have a large social media following. The rule in crowdfunding is that you should be able to get 30% of your target revenue within 24 hours. We knew we would fall well short of that. We didn’t choose crowdfunding for its revenue potential; we chose crowdfunding as we felt it was the fastest way to test our assumptions about product/market fit, marketing messages and marketing channels.


Our aim was to work as quickly as possible. Our mantra was “done is better than perfect”. Very quickly I teased the campaign on social media and wrote copy for the page on Indiegogo. As the campaign progressed, I tested a variety of different messages and channels on Facebook and Instagram. 


The Outcome: We were not surprised that we fell short of our $5000 USD target. We did, however, get Dean his first sales. As such an early stage business, this is an immensely important threshold for him to cross. In our post-campaign analysis, I also talked Dean through everything we had learnt about the business model, key marketing messages and the product itself. 


All of this learning led to a pivot towards a B2B strategy, which is what Dean is working on at the moment. 


I would like to thank Dean for bringing so much energy to the project, for his 100% commitment to trying something new and scary for him… and for the awesome free soap!


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