Funding strategy to finance a cornerstone employee for a conservation education non-profit.

The Organisation: Volunteers For Future (VFF) aims to scale up conservation education in the UK school system by bringing together large numbers of motivated volunteers, the educational teams of conservation charities and schools.

The Problem: The sole founder of VFF, Laura, is currently working solo. After speaking at length, it was clear to me that Laura’s most pressing issue was time: running the organisation day-to-day was taking time away from focusing on growth.

The Work: We came to the conclusion that a successful funding strategy would allow her to hire a part-time employee, free her hands from the organisation’s day-to-day and ultimately get back to the task of growing and developing Volunteers For Future.


After talking through Laura’s options for how we could work together, we settled on a process of ongoing consultation and coaching. 


We decided that Laura should reach out to her network to find people who have successfully secured funding in her niche. We want to find models of success that we can imitate. Whenever Laura has doubts about communication or social media, she can turn to me for guidance and writing. 


The Outcome: In the context of the coronavirus outbreak, we’re making good progress in gathering information, assessing funding options and deciding our next steps. 


I’d like to thank Laura for being so friendly and personable on all our calls and for the genuine depth of thought she puts into answering all my questions.


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